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1. Buff Color Ti02 : Glowtox

Glowtox is a high quality, cost effective Body colored Rutile Titanium Dioxide with stability. It is a unique ingredient in color cosmetics as a Natural Base material! Pigment.

Glowtox offers twofold cost savings by substituting or partially replacing the expensive standard white Ti02 in select formulations and more significantly the reduction of the more expensive colored pigments (organic and inorganic).lt also increases instant fair look, coverage of dark spots and blemishes, even skin tone with matte and non oily feel.

Customized Shades Also Available On Special Request. Available in hydrophilic & hydrophobic grades.

2. LC-470 CTD

LC-470 Pigment a wide variety of uses in the cosmetics industry for the milk whiting cream based application. In liquid color cosmetics this can be easily blended with other cream or liquid cosmetic formulation, or just used alone. Using LC-470 Pigment adds Brightness to dark areas, and its also used for lightening darker foundation.

3. White Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide is used an Opacifing Pigment, Sunscreen agent, Ultraviolet light absorber. It gives a heavy-feeling, easier to spread on skin, plus a bit more cosmetically elegant and much more stable with better sun protection. It is used in range of body care products such as sunscreens and make up with low skin penetration level.

4. Bentonite

It works to absorb oil and other impurities from the skin. It also performs as a bulking agent, emulsion stabilizer, opacifying agent, viscocity increasing agent and suspending agent. When used in surfactants, it enables a non-greasy application that is ideal for those with oily skin. It also appears in facial masks, but as a secondary ingredient. Because of its high absorbative powers and tendency to absorb large quantaties of water, it’s rarely the dominant clay ingredient in a mask because it would take too long to dry. Instead, this ingredient is mostly used in lower concentrations to help make facial masks more elastic. In addition to masks, you can also formulate Bentonite in facial cleansers, foundations, acne treatments and lotion/cremes.

5. White Kaolin

White kaolin is produced by unique processing technique where all impurities are removed. It has uses in skin detoxifying, cleansing agent which treat and heals various skin conditions. It is one of the major active ingredients in most of the facial and skin products, body powders, deodorants & scrubs. It does not draw oils from the skin, so it can be used on dry skin types without negative results.

6. Mica

Mica is a phyllosilicate mineral that has numerous uses in makeup. It can help to create shine and color. Mica’s sheer, translucent and skin – hugging properties make it a popular ingredient in mineral powders. It is also seen in a variety of color cosmetics, nailpolish, lip glosses for better coverage with high brightness and purity.

7. Organo Clay : RioBent 3452, 38, SDI/SD2

Riobent series have been commercially used as thickeners. It provides better stability and suspension in Hair care products, Creams and lotions, Skincare products, Suncare products, Eye Make-up, Lip products, Facial Make-up. It gives skin opaqueness, soft look & enhance shine and soft look will last all day because of high viscosity and high thixotropy efficiency. It can be added to the oil phase of a formulation at any convenient stage during the manufacturing cycle.

8. Fumed Silica FMSIL 412 | FMSIL 412 Plus

FMSIL 412 /FMSIL 412 PLUS has extremely small particles with enormous surface area with high purity and provides proper rheological control. The optimum shear thinning improves the production productivity of Nail Polish, Lipstick, Face Powder, Eye shadow, Mascara and Cosmetic pencils. It is also used in cosmetics for its light-diffusing and light abrasive properties.