Sub Micron Calcium Carbonate

20 Microns introduced Sub – Micron Calcium Carbonate produced by new engineered wet-milling technique for the first time in India, which act as a spacers between prime Pigments and contribute to better Coating Opacity and High Gloss. Our Brand “Vaporlite 90T” is an ultra-fine sub-micron natural Calcium Carbonate. The sub-micron particles of Vaporlite 90T can act as spacers between TiO2 particles leading to increase the efficiency of TiO2 in the Paints and Coating application. The size and numbers of Vaporlite 90T particles enable efficient separation of TiO2 particles and inhibit re- agglomeration after dispersion whereas agglomerates are less efficient at scattering light when compacted to the fine primary particles. As light beams are refracted at the particle surface it follows that smaller and more numerous fine particles offer more opportunities for refraction and thus lead to better coating opacity and higher gloss. Less than 1 micron average particle and 4 micron controlled top cut particle size distribution works as a great impact modifier to improve the Impact Strength, Tensile and Bending Strength and Improved Distortion in Plastics Materbatch Compounds.