Synthetic Red Oxide

Micron Ferrox – SYN synthetic red iron oxide are the most common oxide color and have highest amount of iron. Due to their pure hue, consistent properties & strength, they have become increasingly important in various fields of applications. Commercially available red oxides are very fine dry powder made by grinding ore materials or heat processing ferrous/ferric Sulphate or Ferric Hydroxide.

Micron Ferrox – SYN Synthetic Red Iron Oxides from 20 Microns Ltd are high–quality inorganic color pigments with High Purity, Excellent Color Stability, Light Fastness, Weather Stability and Chemical Resistance.

Key Benefits :

  • Offer outstanding Light Fastness, Chemical Resistance and Heat Stability.
  • Non-bleeding, Non-fading, Opaque to UV light.
  • Imparts Good Resistance to Weathering.
  • Improves Exterior Durability & Compatibility.
  • Optimal Color Performance.