1. Calcined Kaolin

Glazex 90 is an extremely fine grade of calcined kaolin with exceptional Opacifying properties. It is produced by a multi stage refining process through High Gradient magnetic separator under controlled computerized process system ensuring extreme low levels of HMC.

Glazex 90® calcined kaolin improves the opacity, reduces TiO2 level in Textile Blackout process and thereby help to ensuring maximum blackout in the Curtains with optimum hiding & UV stability in the coating system.

2. Aluminium Trihydrate (ATH)

AL FR is produced by exceptional engineered production process. It works on the basis of heat sinking and endothermic dehydration characteristics that enable alumina trihydrate to retard the burning of polymers. It also helps to increase the filler loading in the coating system for the curtain at low cost co pared to Metal hydroxides. The content of flame retardants in textiles and foam parts are used for curtains, furniture, mattresses and carpets etc.

3. Titanium Di Oxide (TiO2)

NAnotox is a Series of imported Titanium Dioxide widely used in textiles majorly for the Ultraviolet-resistance function in textiles to achieve the effect of anti-sun aging. This Nano-particles titanium dioxide has the advantages of non-toxicity, no smell, no burning, chemical stability. Thus, the Nanotox due to its Nano-particles has large specific surface area coverage for the textile coating with extra whitening effect.

4. Synthetic Aluminium Silicate

MEGASIL-ZX is Synthetic Sodium Magnesium Aluminum Silicate derived from precipitating Silicate under controlled condition. MEGASIL-ZX improves opacity and printability for the Khadi printing and further also helps to replace Tio2 by 25% and reduce the overall cost of Emulsion.