1. Hydroxygel 90 T

Hydroxygel 90 T is water based thickener. Plays the role of inorganic co thickener by replacing 30% of organic thickener such as HEC AND CMC in 2nd Quality Paint such as distemper, putty and primers. Can be incorporated directly or a pre-gel can be formed.

2. Hyperlit EST

Hyperlite EST is Basically Surface Modified Calcined Clay which can be used in exterior emulsion paints for water repellency property. This product can replace 100% Normal Calcined clay as well as 50% Siliconeadditive if taken in the general formulation. Dosage level is of 10% of total formulation. It can easily avoidthe formation of black patches that we usually see on the surfaces of exterior walls.

3. Colored Silica

This is decorative colored silica, compatible with water & solvent based system both, has a good light fastness, excellent heat stability, can be used in water based textured paints, solvent based floor coatings and other types of coatings.