We have state-of-the art technology with advancement in each mineral products for Tile’s Glaze, Engobe, Body application as well for all types of Vitrified Tiles including Double charge & Multi Charge tiles, GVT – PGVT & in addition most importantly for Slim Slab Tiles we have a range of master products that enhances the production quality of Tiles meeting their standard parameters. The range of products we cater to the Ceramic industry are Premium Processed Kaolin Clay, Calcined Kaolin, Superior Talc, Premium Bentonite, Micronized Calcium Carbonate, Quartz, Processed & Blended range of Ball Clays & High Plastic Kaolins.

Having dedicated application centre approved & recognized by DSIR, our R & D team develops the value added products as per the industry’s requirement & we cater our blended products to the Tiles segment – where the desired Brightness / L Value, Good Strength & Plasticity are achieved & even some of our products removes the problem of Pin holes & Waviness that is the most common issue in the said segment.