Conserving the Environment in its natural essence is a top priority at 20 Microns. Conducting the business with a strong environmental conscience is a commitment that 20 Microns is keen to adhere with. Through our manufacturing and operational practices, we involve in meaningful developments in preserving natural resources. We ensure substantial progress in environmental protection by engaging our resources, people and responsive stakeholders in our venture.

At 20 Microns, we comply with regional, national and international norms concerning Environment Conservation. The company has structured action plan to negate, minimize and rectify the harmful effects of the company’s mineral and chemical processing activities.

In harmony with our Environment Policy, we have initiated numerous programmes that assure optimum management of land, water, air, industrial waste, ecological balance and atmosphere.

  • land
    Land - Site Restoration
    Site Restoration is a key agenda on which 20 Microns focuses during the operation phase. Appropriate techniques are employed to restore the site for best possible use. Precautions are taken to ascertain minimal effect of mining operations on the site.
  • water
    The water used during the mineral and chemical processing is treated under different processes to reduce its harmful effects. This ensures that the water can be re-used for specific purposes depending on its features.
  • waste
    Industrial Waste
    20 Microns is working towards Zero Waste Management to manufacture products out of all waste generated for various industries and employs latest technologies and processing activities that result in minimal waste generation.
  • energy
    All the operating activities at 20 Microns use advanced energy efficient technologies that consume minimal energy. Use of minimal energy also ensures reduction in CO2 emissions.

20 Microns’ enduring efforts are aimed to attain cost reduction as well as to compensate social accountability. The company is swiftly surging ahead in taking consequential steps towards conservation of energy and reduction of energy cost involved in various manufacturing processes. 20Microns’ efforts are best exemplified by the number of measures adopted by it and complemented by 4th National Conference on Indian Energy.