Universal Thickener

The nano coated calcium carbonate has ultrafine particle size distribution which can be used as additives in various products. The nano coated calcium carbonate is widely applied in plastic, paints and rubber industries because of its unique properties. This nano coated calcium carbonates act as a partial replacement of titanium dioxide in coatings, and it does not affect the whiteness of finished product. The nano coated calcium carbonate is used in a wide number of applications such as in coatings, plastics, alloys, nanowires, and catalyst uses.


KARBOGEL 60 (Universal thickener for solvent & water base system with Opacity, Gloss & Flow control)

It is Nano size chemically modified calcium carbonate. Nano primary particle size of KARBOGEL 60 imparts thickening effect in water as well as solvent-based system with excellent gloss & opacity retention. Unique plant designed technology makes KARBOGEL 60 superior in both solvent as well as water based ink & paint formulation system. KARBOGEL 60 provides thixotropy and soft feel type of effect when incorporated in Paints and Printing Ink formulation. KARBOGEL 60 can replace up to 100% expensive organic thickener in paint formulation with improved gloss and opacity.



  • High Gloss & Opacity in Paint & printing ink
  • Good viscosity & flow control
  • Easy dispersion in printing ink & Paint

Paints & Ink : Due to its thixotropic properties, it works as thickening and/or suspension agent in varnishes, and in water and solvent paints. It provides soft feel effect in ink formulation. Karbogel increase the opacity & gloss in paint & ink formulations.

Suspension/Thickening Applications : It is very effective in water and solvent base slurry by replacing costly cellulosic thickener.

Adhesives and Sealants : It provides superior thickening, sag resistance and ease of application, especially in highly filled systems.

Tape Joint Compounds : It provides smooth, scratch-free application in thick films, as well as for sag resistance, viscosity control, spreadability and excellent feathering at low cost.

  • Ink application
  • Water & Solvent based ink
  • Textile Application
  • Paint application
  • Architecture Paint
  • Solvent Based Paint