Waxes are used to protect a coating and/or its substrate from cosmetic and physical damage. The hardness of the wax will determine the effectiveness in improving abrasion resistance. It Improve the heat resistance and lowers viscosity for excellent bonding to substrate. Further they are used in curing compounds to trap the moisture in cement and give high curing efficiency, It also helps to Eliminates the need for water and Promotes a harder dust free surface.

1. Flowlube C 40

Flowlube C40 an aqueous grade of wax emulsion, it is an solvent free film forming wax emulsion which has an optimum flowability ideal for curing compound and mould release. It gives Hydrophobic effect and improve Anti-blocking, Eliminates the need for water & Promotes a harder dust free surface.

2. Flowwax

Flow wax is a modified PE and Paraffin grade of wax in a flake form, it is Microcrystalline in nature which helps as reinforcing filler in and temperature resistance in certain coating applications.