1. Micron Carb

Micron Carb is a high quality calcium carbonate. Micron Carb is used as binders for submerged arc flux ingredient welding electrodes. Micron Carb is having a particular characteristic of effervesces when diluted with HCL vigorously.

2. Micron Mica

In Welding Electrodes manufacturing process, Micron Mica is used in Flux Coating. The quality of welding electrodes depends upon the Quality of Mica used. Micron Mica provides properties for protecting Electrodes in forming a fusible slag and good seal for Fusion of Arch. Micron Mica can resist action of heat.

3. Micron Carb DL

Micron Carb DL is used in Flux of welding Electrodes for smelting of iron and Steel. Micron Carb DL is used because it requires more energy to dissociate and has approximately the same function of CaCO3 in forming shielding gas and slag during welding.

4. Micron China

Micron China is used for Accurate composition and high purity. China clay process the property as a non conductor of heat and electricity. China Clay can withstand high temperature due to longer shell life.

5. Nanotox

Nanotox is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium. Nanotox has properties of reducing spatter in Welding Electrodes. Arc ignition in welding Electrodes is being facilitated by Nanotox. Nanotox is used as a fluxing agent, slag former, and shade modifier in the electrode.