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White Pigment Opacifier

Our “Lithomer” Series offers various products for diverse applications working on a magical chemistry that helps replace TiO2 in different systems upto 25% depending on the end formulation of the product.

An proprietary innovative White Pigment Opacifier made by revolutionary co-precipitation of white prime pigment with modified materials, in which air trapped tiny voids are generated on upper surface of particles.

Lithomer’s relative scattering, high lightness, neutral white color and its diffuse reflectance enable to replace substantial amount TiO2 in any type of finished product.

Earlier Lithopone was used as a partial replacement of Titanium Dioxide, in different formulations, but now use of Lithopone is restricted because of its inferior gloss retention and yellowing tendency on exposure.

Hence, 20 Microns came up with this unique chemistry in order to overcome the deficiencies of gloss retention and yellowing tendency of Lithopone.

Lithomer is an Engineered Pigmentary product and is then surface treated which offers excellent dispersibility in various systems where TiO2 is used.

The refractive Index of Lithomer is around 2.1 which are slightly lower to Titanium (2.7). Formulations for some of the products have been changed by incorporating Lithomer as a partial replacement of TiO2.

Lithomer works fundamentally in both ways as an individual Opacifier and also acts as spacer for prime pigments mainly for Titanium due to its fine and narrow particle size distribution. Use of Lithomer in formulations also reduces cost of product resulting in an effort to improving margin for the product.